Vote Yes to secure our educational base

Vote Yes to secure our educational base

Wednesday Journal

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

We are writing in support of voting Yes on April 4 for both referenda concerning school District 97. We are senior citizens who have retired from our careers but not from our lifelong concerns about the importance of high quality public education. 

We moved to Oak Park in 1984 for two basic reasons: We wanted to live in a place where diversity was encouraged and celebrated and where schools were well funded and fully resourced. And we knew that these were inseparably linked. 

Our children received wonderful educations and were nurtured and mentored by skilled teachers, backed by excellent counselors and administrators. It is unacceptable that Oak Park schools may be undermined due to the budget crisis in the state of Illinois and decades of attacks across our country on affordable schools available to all. 

At the center of successful military strategy is the concept of “secure the base and expand the perimeter.” With our national government careening out of control under the mindless misleadership of a fake president and our state government impoverished by decades of self-serving theft by crooks in Springfield, it is our collective responsibility as citizens to secure and then expand the school system that is the firm foundation of our village. 

We cannot expand the quality of education in Oak Park until the base is secure. Voting Yes on April 4 will secure the base.

Laurie & Noel Beasley 

Oak Park

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