Vote for the arts and Yes D97

Vote for the arts and Yes D97

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Opinion: Letters To The Editor

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make April’s referendum vote any easier. I grew up in Oak Park, but when my husband and I decided to move here in 1982, it was for its diversity, closeness to Chicago, great access to public transportation, historic neighborhoods and architecture, and the amazing public school system. 

We’ve lived in our home for almost 32 years now, and, yes, on occasion we wonder how long we’ll be able to afford to stay here.

Nonetheless, consider this when deciding how to vote: physical education is required, as are science, language and math. That takes care of all the kids whose interests lie in those directions. What happens to the little artists or musicians if this referendum doesn’t pass? What if a creative class is the only thing that sparks a child’s brain in the course of their day? Some kids live for art and music and don’t come from families that can afford to send them to after-school activities.

My husband and I are both artists — our children are all artists. They were fortunate to go through District 97 with all the creative classes available at their school. I know there were times when those classes were the only thing that got them through their day.

Vote Yes on April 4.

Kate Linne 

Oak Park 

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