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Send a clear message with D97 vote

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It’s a scary time to be the parent of children in District 97. For many of us, we look at the $14 million in cuts to our schools and wonder what we’re going to do. If the April 4 referenda do not pass, our students face the loss of favorite teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and a lower quality education. Our family is wondering if we’ll need to move away from Oak Park to give our kids an excellent school.

The taxpayers of our community are reaching the breaking point when it comes to taxes. Asking for $74 per $1000 of tax bill is just too much for some residents. There’s no denying that we need to work harder for Oak Park to become more affordable. But devastating the very programs and curricula that make D97 attractive is not the way to do it. The proposed cuts would undermine our children, your home value, and the educational system in Oak Park.

We have a core value of wanting good public schools and I have faith that voters will make the correct decision by voting Yes on April 4. Even if that is an understandably difficult, expensive choice, our community steps up when the lives of young people are on the line. Send a clear message that we refuse to let our schools deteriorate.

Oak Park believes in students having the arts, music, foreign language, librarians, modern classrooms ready for science and technology, and accessibility to all learners. 

Voters, thank you in advance for doing the right thing.

Kyle Eichenberger 

Oak Park 

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