Letter from Deborah S. Levine and Joanna MacKenzie

Don’t blame D97 for state fiasco

Wednesday Journal

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

We are disappointed that so many of the political cartoons recently featured in your paper have been against the District 97 referenda. This is an important issue that deserves balanced coverage by Wednesday Journal.

Our community is in a difficult position with the lack of financial support from the state and an over-reliance on single-family home property taxes. But those problems won’t be fixed by voting against the referenda. We must vote yes on both referenda now and then turn our attention to these other problems in Springfield.

We didn’t get here by any wrongdoing on the part of D97, but rather the mismanagement of funds by our state government — and the influx of families fleeing CPS for Oak Park’s amazing schools.

It is important to underscore that parents from all backgrounds are equally interested in strong schools and will continue to do what is necessary to live in a town with strong schools. Weak schools are not a way to draw a diverse population to our community!

We strongly urge all in Oak Park to vote Yes on both referenda. And invite folks to come to Scoville Park this Saturday, March 18 at 11 a.m. for a Kids’ March. Kids and families are rallying and marching to show Oak Park how important it is to vote Yes! Yes! on the two D97 referenda.

Deborah S. Levine

Joanna MacKenzie

Oak Park

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