Letter from Ada Klein, 4th grade student at Lincoln Elementary

Vote yes for art in D97

Wednesday Journal

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

Friday is my favorite day, not because it’s the day before the weekend but because I have art and music on Friday. Art is very important to me although I only have it once a week. Some people think art isn’t as important as social studies or science, but I think it is. For example, the artist Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist and an artist, which proves that art is important as well.

Art lets you release your feelings onto a canvas. Art helps people with disabilities or people who are shy. It lets them speak without words.

Music is important to me because I like to sing, I love to dance, and I love to act in musicals and plays. Music is amazing. If we don’t learn it now, then we will never be able to sing or play an instrument professionally.

Have you ever heard of BRAVO? Well if you haven’t, I will tell you it is a theater program at Brooks Middle School. I have been looking forward to it my entire life. If they got rid of it, I would be so sad.

If this referendum doesn’t pass, I thought of a solution that is better than losing art and music completely. We could have a year of music and then a year of art. But I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Since we kids can’t vote, we can only speak out.¬†

I ask you to please vote Yes for the District 97 referendums.

Ada Klein 

4th grade student at Lincoln Elementary

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