Take a bunch of about 50 flyers for a 30 minute period of flyering time.

Flyers can be picked up anytime from these porches:

1125 N. Elmwood Ave

330 N. Ridgeland (temporarily unavailable)
515 S. Carpenter

714 S. Highland

1134 S. Gunderson


Most people will just take a flyer and keep going. Some will stop to chat. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to someone’s question. You could tell them that the answer may be on the FAQ section of the website or you’ll pass their question along to us. (And please do, if you remember!)

The website is refyes.com and that’s on the flyer.

Please keep in mind that there are laws prohibiting anyone from handing out campaign literature on public property, like any schools, the library or park district property.

Stay on the sidewalk at your location. (At Brooks or Julian, this can include the plaza area.) If you do go inside a school, please don’t hand out flyers in the building while you’re there.

If you have leftover flyers, you may distribute them as you like (excluding public property). Bring them to parties. Stand on street corners or by the El. Ask store owners if they’ll keep a stack in their store. Whatever you can think of.

Or return them to one of the porches listed above.


All, below are some rules/guidelines to keep in mind when discussing the referendum at a District 97 school.

Discussions about the referenda, answering questions, showing support are all perfectly OK. Feel free to discuss volunteering or answer someone’s questions if someone asks you how to get involved. You can wear a button, t-shirt, whatever. Just use common sense.

What we need to be careful of is to avoid electioneering. Handing out of literature, buttons, signs or other materials should not happen on school property*. There are D97 guidelines that deal with political campaigning on property as well as the distribution of materials at the school without prior approval. We also cross over into issues of trespassing, particularly if we enter the building.

This also becomes a State issue if public resources are involved. For example, using a printer or copier at a school to make copies of committee literature is obviously not allowed. What can be less obvious is the use of resources such as school mailboxes or District computers or District email. These communications systems are District resources and are all strictly forbidden as well.

If you have questions about something, ask Jassen or contact Chris Jasculca at the District office and one of us can get you clarification.

*If the Committee or another organization is hosting an official event on school property, it is acceptable to distribute literature under those conditions. For example, if the Committee is invited to participate in a forum, the hosting organizations could allow us to have a table to distribute literature.

Just ask if you don’t know.




If you want to drop off flyers to people’s homes, please do not put anything in their mailbox. This is a U.S. Postal Service regulation. Leave flyers tucked under a door mat or in a screen door or in a place where they won’t blow away.